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  • Jessi Management: Administration

    Successfully completed 3 weeks of Law School
  • Nicole Management: Company Development

    Favorite show of all time, This Is Us.
  • Passionate
  • Chad Management

    Favorite movie is Toy Story
  • Stacy Management: People

    used to have really long hair
  • Fun
  • Justin Management: Operations

    Enjoys waking up at 5am, attack the day!
  • David Management: Retail

    Hall of Famer at Northwestern University and the office joke authority
  • Kelly Administration

    Occasionally moonlights as a Wedding DJ
  • Jayne Administration

    Pouted through first lacrosse practice
  • Unmatched
  • Nancy Administration

    Favorite Disney character is Little Mermaid so my daughter's middle name is Ariel
  • Kevin Operations

    Is a Canadian eh? SorrEy!!
  • Become a PLAYmaker
    Traveling. Walkie-talkies. Hotdogs. Let's make it happen!