2020 Lax Geneva

Outshine The Competition
Aug 1-2, 2020
Take out your rowboat players, it’s re-LAX-ation time! Join the PLAYmakers by the lake as nearly 100 boys and girls teams kick off the lacrosse Summer season. 12 fields anchor this vacation destination, attended by local and regional lacrosse teams alike.

Lacrosse America is proud to partner with TravelFirst to bring you the best possible hotel booking experience available! All Lacrosse America events have a Stay & Play Policy.  Any teams requiring hotels must book with TravelFirst as a requirement of the event. 

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What is the best way to receive tournament updates and information?

The PLAY LA app! It’s free!

View schedules, tournament maps, live scoring, brackets, game results, and MORE!


When will the tournament schedule be released?

Tournament schedules will be released to coaches and team managers by 5:00pm CST the Wednesday of tournament week and can be found HERE and on the PLAY LA app at this time also.

What are the levels of competition?

  • PLATINUM: The best teams in their respective states, seeking to play against the top competition from around the country.
  • GOLD: Intended for elite travel teams.  Rosters are typically comprised of players who fall on the older end of a given age bracket.
  • SILVER: An intermediate division comprised mostly of regionally competitive club teams.  Rosters are typically comprised of players who fall on the younger end of a given age bracket.
  • BRONZE: A beginner division with primarily community teams and players new to the sport.
  • OPEN: All teams are welcome and encouraged to play!

What Are the Tournament Rules?

Boys and Girls Rules for Summer 2020 will be posted soon!

when do games start and end?

Games will be scheduled between 8am and up to 7pm (Pipe City as late as 8pm) on Saturday. The tournament will begin at 8am and conclude by 5pm (Pipe City as late as 6pm) at the latest on Sunday, weather permitting.


  • Is there a fee to park?

    Most Lacrosse America events have a weekend parking fee of $10. Winter Indoor events do not have a parking fee. Cash only on site, or pre purchase a general parking pass HERE. Preferred parking is also available at specific events - get a complete list HERE.

  • Can RV’s and buses park at the facility?
    Yes! Please refer to your specific tournament map (link to parking page) to view exact parking locations.  RV and bus parking is $40 for the weekend and may not stay overnight at the facility.
  • Is handicapped parking available?
    Yes! Please refer to your specific tournament map (link to parking page) to view exact parking locations. On site parking directors will be available to guide you upon your arrival to the facility.
  • Are rides available for handicapped individuals to and from the parking lots?
    There is not a specific service available.  Please locate an LA PLAYmaker on site and we will do our best to assist you.

Prohibited Items:

  • Pets
  • Alcohol
  • Grills


In the event of a weather delay/emergency, communication will come via notifications on the PLAY LA App, emails to Coaches and Team Managers, and updates that will be posted on the homepage of LacrosseAmerica.com and on the specifics tournament’s page of the PLAY LA app.


Food and beverages will be available on site at all events either via concession stands or food trucks. A portion of all proceeds from Pipe City's food and concessions benefit the Leahy Foundation or local booster club as a way for Lacrosse America to give back. For a full list of all vendors, please refer to the specific tournament’s page on the PLAY LA app the week of the event.


All Lacrosse America summer events are Stay to Play. Please refer to the Lodging Policy found under the Tournament Lodging Tab.

Team Tents:

Team tents are permitted around the perimeter of the facility, away from fields of play, buildings, Vendor Village, parking lots and walkways. No tents will be allowed between fields or in high traffic flow areas. If you plan to have a team tent delivered to the facility before the event, you must contact a Tournament Representative with information at info@lacrosseamerica.com or (847)412-5529. If Tournament Representatives are not made aware prior to delivery, and your team representative is not on-site during delivery, your tent will be turned away.

How does the leaderboard work?

All Lacrosse America scores are updated live in real time as goals are scored, game scores, and the individual player leaderboard are updated simultaneously.

The athlete name and jersey numbers visible on the leaderboard are directly associated with the roster information that your Coach or Team Manager submits for the event. If your players current jersey number does match up with the information provided, they may show up blank, or associated with the wrong player’s name on the board. If there are any discretions, a Coach or Team Manager must be the one to address it with Tournament Staff at the Headquarters tent and corrections will be made if possible.


  • A Lacrosse America representative will be on each field and can communicate with event staff, security and trainers in case of emergency.
  • Trash receptacles are located throughout the facility. Please pick up trash from your team sidelines after each game and from your team tents at the end of each day. If you need a trash bag for your team tent, we will be happy to provide them at Tournament Headquarters.
  • WARNING: Please be alert when on the sidelines or when moving about the facility. Errant balls from fields of play can enter spectator areas and cause serious injury.

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